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Job Site Management for Haulers , Contractors, and Aggregate Suppliers

Precise aggregate location tracking for simplistic job management.



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Introducing the LMS (LIDAR MEASUREMENT SYSTEM) . Using lasers and proprietary software we scan the bed of trucks to accurately measure the exact volume of material currently loaded. With this system the truck drives underneath the scanner after getting loaded and a 3D LIDAR point cloud is generated. Using this point cloud we are able to easily determine the loaded volume in the truck bed to an accuracy of +/-  1% .  Best of all, there is no hardware required, this includes expensive RFID tags . Simply download our app from the app store and any truck is able to use our scanner system. 


The smartest and easiest way 

to track your material.


Bridging the Gaps Between Suppliers, Haulers and Contractors


Faster, More Accurate, and at 50% the cost of our closest competitor.

Aggregate Ticketing

Our ticketing system utilizes , dynamic QR code technology , thermal printers, and an easy to use interface to maximize product sales.

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Custom Reporting

Trax offers custom reporting, to increase the efficiency of your operation. The system compiles user selected load data, into an easy to visualize dashboard. This allows for quick and accurate decision making.

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Employee Time Clock

Track where your employees clock in and out on the job. Stop collecting paper time cards. All shifts await foreman approval before office submittal.

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Material Management

Material management is a feature for contractors that automatically keeps track of material deliveries on the job site. It is updated with every load delivery so you have the most up to date quantities at any time.

Driver Tracking

Understanding where and when movement of material is happening is key when managing a job site. Live tracking of your product via GPS is standard , and includes driver history to easily view tracked routes of each load delivered. 

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