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Jobsite Management

Our management platform for contractors leverages geo-fence technology to automatically record accurate material deliveries throughout the job site.


Automatic Tracking

Know where and when your material will arrive on the job site, too the minute.

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Secure Delivery

Every load has a delivery status, know which trucks didn't make the delivery at a glance.


Tracking History

Interested in why drivers are taking so long to get to the job, quickly review their tracking history , it's linked to every ticket.

Digital Everything

Ordering Hourly drivers? Maybe Load based drivers?  TraX covers both! With digital ticketing all timestamps are to the second and all pickup and drop-offs are assisted with GPS technology. This makes for accurate quantity tracking no matter the method of driver payment. With hourly drivers, our platform still tracks the amount of load deliveries that a driver does durring his day, allowing flexible transport options with no loss of material tracking.

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Contractor Mobile Scanner 2021.png

Mobile Job Site Scanners

No more buying physical scanner devices, our mobile application doubles as a scanner for incoming trucks. Simply point your smartphone camera at the drivers phone, or the QR code on the bottom of their paper ticket and the app takes care of the rest. Loads can only be scanned one time, and our system automatically adds the quantity on the ticket to the job sites section / wall. This makes for real-time daily or all -time quantity tracking. 


With geo-fencing technology material is able to be tracked to the specific location on the job-site, add as many shapes and sizes of geo-fence to track material between sections of your job , or see how much of various materials are delivered to each section. Don't trust the geofences ? Thats ok , back up a geofence with the mobile scanner to be 100% sure your material arrived where it was supposed too. 


Live Tracking

Live tracking gives you up to the minute location updates on every truck currently scheduled to deliver material to your job site. Get alerts on your mobile device , or view the map page on our web platform to watch the drivers in real-time.


Ready to get started?

Get set up with our management platform today!

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