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The Company

The Magic Happens all behind the senes with our talented design team.

Our team works effortlessly to keep your operation running without interruption. We have 24.7 staff to assist with issues that arise at any hour of the day 365 days a year.

Thats right we are always available to answer your technical questions and solve any issues you may have.

The idea was to provide a better means of material tracking and job-site management than the competitors at nearly 25% the cost. This was done by implementing a 'software only' solution to the market. 


Our software is easily installed on the existing company devices used daily such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and even an easily accessible web application. This allows the entire software suite to be deployed almost overnight and at no additional cost to the client. 

Our software service is continuously being developed and improved daily by our hard working software engineers. They work tirelessly to make sure your experience with our software is the best it can be.


We have many new projects under development on a daily basis including some new innovative hardware solutions to more precise payload measurement coming in the near future!


Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! 

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