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The most information at the drivers fingertips yet. The driver mobile app unlocks, dispatching, ticketing, navigation, and more to streamline aggregate delivery.


Offline Scanning

Ticketing no longer requires the connection to the internet, the drivers unique QR code is available all of the time, and changes every minute to keep the job running with ease. More features include:


Secure Delivery

The drivers changing QR code allows for secure tracking of each and every load. Every on screen code is only valid for 1 minute. 


Cloud Delivery Data

Cloud servers keep track of drivers location while working a job for accountability and secure delivery tracking data.


Delivery Using Maps

Built in maps provide the driver with accurate delivery locations and navigation to and from pickup and drop off location.


Digital Tickets

Fully digital ticketing keeps all of the tickets for every job in one place. Drivers are able to filter tickets by day, job, contractor, and more to easily find and calculate their pay. With tickets being stored both on the drivers physical device, and synced to the cloud, tickets are never misplaced or illegible. With cloud ticketing , drivers no longer need to turn tickets into the office for counting, the tickets are available immediately when generated on the web platform.


Job View

Job view provides easy access to all of your assigned jobs. Accept or Decline jobs to notify your dispatcher with the click of a button. Never lose the message about job information again. Everything is done right though the mobile application. Your dispatched jobs will stay there until you finish each of them!

Driver Navigation

Turn by Turn navigation provides the drives with the fastest route to and from the pickup location and the drop off location. Our integrated navigation allows the driver to also open either google maps, apple maps, or waze to receive their turn by turn directions.


Ready to get started?

Ask if your trucking dispatcher uses TraX today!

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