Starting a Job

Starting a job that your assigned is easy just watch the video to the right.

Viewing Tickets

All of your tickets are stored online and viewable inside the TraX app at any time

Watch the video to learn how.

Getting Directions

The map screen will direct you to the job drop-off location, geo-fences provide the

verification if you arrived as intended.

Contractor - Creating Major Job

This video entails how to create a new major job. 

Contractor - Adding Locations

This video details how to add locations to a new job.

Contractor - Adding New Order

This video details how to add a new order to a job.

Haulers - Assign Drivers to Jobs

This video details how to assign drivers to an order from the contractor.

Haulers - View Drivers Jobs

This video details how to view jobs which drivers have been assigned to.

Operators - Clock In / Out / Inspections

This video details how to clock in/out as an operator. It also includes how to submit equipment inspections.

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