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Asset Tracking

TraX provides powerful tracking solutions for maintaining job-site equipment and keeping track of regular maintenance. 

Still filling out paper equipment reports and wondering where your equipment is? 

Start using TraX today and know where all of your equipment is daily, with fully digital equipment reports, and automated repair notifications.



Supports IOS and Android mobile devices.

Operators fill out reports daily on their cell phone.

Location of machine is updated at time of report.

Report is stored digitally.

Full history of reports and locations available in seconds. 


Mechanics have location information on all equipment. 

Automatically receives notifications when equipment requires repair.

Easy access to machine miles, hrs, and SN.

Able to update machine status once fixed.

Repairs show up in priority order.


Easily view all equipment locations on map.

Receives SMS messages when new machine requires repair.

Access to full history of reports for each machine.

Quickly add more equipment.

Easily change status of equipment and prioritize the repair.

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