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Dispatching on TraX is the easiest and most reliable way to manage your trucking needs. The platform does all of the heavy lifting to keep your trucking operation running smoothly.


Powering Efficient Trucking

Manage all your drivers, clients, tickets, and more all in one easy to use platform. Dispatch your drivers using your phone without making one phone call. 


View Tracking Data Anywhere

View your drivers in real-time by logging into our web platform or by using your mobile device. Tracking is accomplished by mobile device, thus no expensive hardware to install.


Digital Secure Ticketing

All ticketing is digital, no need to count tickets or input them into excel, the platform does all this automatically. 


Mobile Dispatch

Easily assign, remove, and manage your drivers right from the mobile app. Assigning a driver will text the driver all of the job information so you don't have to lift a finger or make a phone call. 

Data and More Data

The TraX platform gives you access to all of your tickets instantly , however thats not all. We record more than just where the load was picked up and dropped off, we give you delivery time frames, driver efficiency, traffic information, accurate location data, driver history and track record  and more. This data should allow you to streamline your drivers and provide more accurate trucking quotes.

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Geo-Fencing allows for the drivers to be automatically validated at the pickup and the drop-off location of each job. No more disputes about if a driver took the material to the correct place or not. This technology will also alert you if the driver is over due for delivery, or goes outside his assigned route.

Easy Reports

Reports are a huge part of understanding your trucking data. Not only do we give you regular ticket reports, we allow you to customize how you see the report. Add filters, remove columns you have complete control over how you see your ticketing data.

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Live Tracking

Live tracking gives you up to the minute location updates on every truck currently scheduled to deliver material at a job-site. Get alerts on your mobile device , or view the map page on our web platform to watch your drivers in real-time.


Ready to get started?

Get set up with our management platform today!

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