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TraX provides powerful ticketing solutions, and intuitive forward thinking design to improve efficiency and simplify billing. 


Load Tracking History

View drivers route, track the users progress from the loading site to the destination for every ticket.


Improved Ticketing Efficiency

Trucking Dispatches are completed before the truck arrives, this allows the driver to scan and go with no intermediate wait time.


Cloud Based Ticket Storage

With tickets being stored on the cloud, driver, contractors, and the suppliers will never have to worry about loosing copies of tickets. 


Authorized Vehicle

With the new scanning technology only trucks that should be picking up material for a job are the ones that receive a ticket. No more stolen loads of material.


Load Verification

Every ticket has an arrival verification status which allows the supplier know if the load sold has arrived at it's respective job-site.


Automatic Invoicing 

Since every ticket is digital, invoicing is done automatically for you, with easy integration for Quickbooks and other accounting platforms.

Mobile Based Ticketing with Quick Scan

You can now track materials between any two locations with mobile ticketing. Create digital or printed tickets right from your smart phone. Every ticket is instantly synced to our cloud network so your buyer, and truckers can easily see accurate and up to the minute load counts.  Never close early, see what trucks are on the way to your pit and when they will arrive with the 3D map feature.

Ticket Printer
QR Code Scanner

Stand Alone Kiosk

Convert your pit to the ultimate in automation. With our stand alone kiosk you are able to keep your pit running without anyone there. Drivers scan their mobile device and their ticket prints in seconds. Automatic sync to the cloud keeps your tickets available immediately from any computer.

Touch Screen Display

Manned Kiosk

Our manned kiosk solution is the fastest ticketing platform on the market. Driver scanning takes less than a second and complete ticket generation no more than 3 seconds later. Our manned kiosk solution allows throughput of 1000+ loads / day.  This kiosk leverages Zebra's printing technology to deliver printed tickets at record speeds allowing you to sell more material daily.

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 3.21.57 PM.png

Detailed Reports

Our ticketing software allows the complete customization of all ticket reports. Filter by time range, job, trucker, driver, truck number, contractor, and many others to see just what you want. No more waiting for tickets to be counted, and then input into the computer, your tickets are available instantly the second they are created at the pit.




Introducing single-pass volumetric load scanning. Lasers combined with proprietary software allows the precise volume calculation of material in the bed of the trucks entering and exiting the mine.  Trucks using our LiDAR technology do not need any hardware installed like RFID tags, just their smart phone. This keeps the operational cost at a minimum and trucks moving in and out of the mine  without the need for truck onboarding personel. 

Not only is there no hardware required, our LMS system only requires a subscription to use . There is absolutely no upfront cost, no personel needed managing the scanner, and the simplest truck set up compared to other scanner systems on the market. 

With a subscription to the TraX software suite, you not only get precise volume calculations for every load leaving the mine, you get the most advanced ticketing and load tracking system on the market today. Every ticket is accessible via mobile application, including all the tickets' associated LIDAR, tracking, and drop-off data.  

All ticket data is accessible from any computer via our easy to use online portal. Stop arguing with contractors about loaded volumes, know precisely how much material is leaving your mine every month, day, hour. 

Our LMS system comes in many configurations , from permanent setup to fully mobile solutions. After signing up for a subscription you could be scanning trucks in the matter of hours. 

TraX Load Scanner-white.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 12.25.38 PM.png

Ready to get started?

Get set up with our mobile ticketing solution in minutes.

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