Digital Ticket System

An ultra fast low cost ticking system.

Handel hundreds of dispatched trucks quickly and easily.

Uses secure QR Code technology.


All Digital Ticket System

Mobile Device Support

Realtime Analytics

Mobile Ticket Creation

Easily create tickets from your mobile device in seconds.

Easy to use interface.

Quickly register new trucks.

Past tickets are all available, with a couple clicks.

Know how many drivers are assigned to each dispatch.

Desktop Ticket Creation

Or use our Custom Kiosk to create tickets in a scale house.

Dispatches automatically appear.

No more asking where the driver is going.

Tickets print in seconds.

Tickets show up on the drivers device instantly.

Daily Analytics

Keep track of your sales visually.

View your reach with the custom map.

Customizable Graphs.

Weekly rolling averages calculated automatically. 

Easy to use interface.

Export to Excel or Google Sheets

Easy Printing

Printing to your choice of mobile or desktop zebra printer, speeds up the ticking process and keeps the line of trucks at a minimum.

Tickets print in seconds when using our custom kiosk and desktop printer combo.

Driver looses a ticket? You loose a ticket? Not a problem quickly reprint any lost tickets.

Not interested in the Zebra printer ? We can print to any connected Desktop or Airprint enabled printer.

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